Sunday, 8 November 2009

Some Commissioned Work in Progress

I have a few different commissioned pieces to work on at the moment. Both will include personal hand-stitched messages as written by the buyer. Any of my pieces can have an embroidered message added or custom dolls can be created including any additions. On Lionel the Lion I included a Happy Birthday applique, the birthday girls favourite pets in cross stitch were also stitched onto the doll.Applique section using lots of bits and pieces for a cluttered look, representing a childhood of memories and a celebration of becoming an adult.


christine said...

it 's very beautiful !!!!
move is you it makes with all cartons? says to me when I will be able to choose wall textile please !
thank you

Sophie Callaghan said...

Hi! Thank you.
We are still in England unfortunately. Hope to be in USA in December.
Sophie x

Anonymous said...

it is beautiful, nice to see these pictures, thanks.