Thursday, 7 January 2010

Things I will miss about England

With only one week left in lovely snowy England- I am beginning to think of all the aspects of Britishness that I will miss. Here's a few things in no particular order:

MARMITE on CRUMPETS- Marmite's weird but I just love it. Will be stashing some extra large ones in my suitcase! 

NEIGHBOURS- okay it's not a British soap opera but it is very popular in Britain and I love it. No more Karl and Susan? Can't believe I can't ever watch this again!

THE XFACTOR- I hate to admit it and never buy these kind of cds but It is just so great to curl up on a Saturday night and chat about it. American Idol is just a bit too cheesy, not as good.

FREE HEALTHCARE- no matter how much people moan about the NHS- it is free. No worries about insurance and medical bills. I'll miss it.

GREGGS-Not only do I have to cope without Greggs- but no pasties all together?! I am going to attempt to make some homemade versions...let's see how that turns out.

REAL ALE PUBS- America just don't do pubs like England and I'll miss the choice of quirky real ales and fresh pub grub.

BRITISH SEASIDE- So many great things about a trip to the seaside- caravans, 2p machines, fresh seafood, good fish and chips, tacky souvenirs, postcards and a freezing cold dip in the sea!

YORKSHIRE PUDDINGS- nothing is yummier. Will be taking these to Indiana for sure.

BROWN SAUCE- It's funny what you miss when it's not there. I think I only want this because I can't have it.

YORKSHIRE- moving from pretty Holmfirth. I will miss opening my curtains to these green hills and the sound of cows.

There are loads more- obviously family is the main thing. Hopefully soon, when I feel less sad and nostalgic, I'll be thinking of all the things I won't miss about England, or all the things I love about America.


mimilove forever said...

Good luck!! (and ditto marmite on crumpets!)

yoli said...

I would like to visit England...

ColeAndJosephine said...

At least you could buy some of these online and have them shipped to Indiana!

christine said...

it is you installed in your new home? I'm glad!

Anonymous said...

yorkshire is a very special place -- but so is indiana. i know you and yours will be happy there. bienvenidos (not a lingo that's spoken too much in indiana, but here in new mexico)!!!!

Sophie Callaghan said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments! So encouraging. We had a bit of a delay and are moving on Sunday the 24th Jan. Only a few days left to enjoy all my favourite things- best get a last minute curry and fish and chips in before then!

mel said...

if it's any consolation, you can buy hp sauce regularly in canada...
and i'm with you on the pubs and beers - no one does it better.
all the best to you in your move!

nicedashofpaprika said...

Marmite is just the best. My Mum sends me some every Christmas. I also miss the strong tea like PG Tips made with boiling water. Indian food is also on the top of my list.
You can try in a health food store, they might sell jars of yeast extract which tastes the same as Marmite. Good Luck!