Wednesday, 12 May 2010

'Lady River'- A New Doll

Here is 'Lady River' she is inspired by the Earth's water. Her crown is made from shell which I sourced when sketching at a local creek. Hand dyed with cold water dyes and tea. Hand stitched and embellished with wooden beads.
I watched 'The Blindside' as I created this and it somehow carries the movie with it. I think about Sandra Bullock whenever I see it. hmm...

Wish her luck on her journey to New Zealand for the Embroidery Conference in Hamilton!


Anonymous said...

beautiful, beautiful colors, threads, stitches -- what do you call the technique of backing a cut out with colored fabric? and what is cold water dye?

Sophie Callaghan said...

Hi, thanks! It is Mola or reverse applique. You layer up a few pieces of fabric and stitch your design- penetrating all layers completely. Then you cut through sections to reveal underlying fabrics. I love it. It's my most used technique.
Cold water dyes are little sachets of dye that you just add to a little cold water and drip, soak or paint onto your fabric- as apposed to having to use boiling water.

Look out for my rebranding- new name, site, blog and shop coming soon. 'The Thread House' is under construction.

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